EP 12: Bracken MacLeod

March 27th, 2020

Bracken MacLeod and I discuss his books and having support and a good writing community. I also listen to my first audiobook and discuss that experience and Bracken's book Come To Dust.

EP 11: Asher Ellis

March 20th, 2020

Author Asher Ellis and I talk about his books and some short films he was involved with as well. We compare anthologies to Jock Jams and Patrick Swayze to Chris Hemsworth. I also talk about Book Tattoos and Asher's book PET.

EP 10: James A Moore

March 13th, 2020

Happy Friday the 13th! On this episode I talk with James A Moore. We talk about his work and his struggle with cancer along with the importance of insurance. I also talk about movie series in honor of it being Friday the 13th and rant about Hellboy.

EP 9: Mary SanGiovanni

March 6th, 2020

This week I talk with Mary SanGiovanni where she gives me insight on the sub-genre of Cosmic Horror and how hard it can be to break into other sub-genres. I also talk about what got me into reading and being grounded all the time.


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